As you can see, we have completed transactions with customers from all over the country. Whether you're in Boston, Los Angeles, or in the middle of no-where, you can still easily sell your old coins to us. That is the beauty of our system! Make sure to check out some of the reviews left by our customers below.


"Great company to deal with. I really had no idea what to do with my inherited coin collection before Photo Coin Offers. I didn't even have a clue as to what my coins were worth. My coins ended up being worth over $1,000! Let me tell you, the transaction was super fast, they offered a great price, and they have an honest staff! I loved the emails/texts that kept me informed during the whole process. Definitely give them a try, you will not be disappointed. "

- Sarah H. (Toledo, Ohio)


"Super easy process! Great communication and follow up throughout. Was even paid more $ than the original quote!!! Thank you so much!"

- Alan P. (Chicago, Illinois)


"I recently became a widow.  My husband left behind a number of very old coins and bills.  With just a quick search on Google, I came across Photo Coin Offers.  Their instructions were easy to understand.  With online information about my items, I took care of everything myself without having to bother my teenage grandchild.  Already recommended Photo Coin Offers to my friends!"

- Mary W. (Allentown, Pennsylvania)


"After inheriting some coins from my grandfather, I didn't have any interest in them and wanted to know how much they were worth. Since I live in a pretty small town and no one around me is an expert in old coins, I decided to give Photo Coin Offers a try. I was shocked when they told me my coins were worth over $550. I accepted that offer and mailed them in. Less than a week later, I received a check in the mail that went to pay an upcoming college tuition bill."

- Cody S. (St. Mary's, Kansas)


"I highly recommend Photo Coin Offers.  It was so easy to take a pic and email it to them. LESS THAN A MINUTE!"

- Sally H. (Orlando, Florida)


"I recently started going to yard sales to see what I could buy and resell. I found an envelope with a few large size bills that was marked $10 each. Given that I knew nothing about old bills, I quickly looked online for any info about them and stumbled across Photo Coin Offers. I liked the fact I didn't have to pay anything to get a cash offer. I simply took a few photos and texted them to PCO requesting a reply ASAP. I was shocked that within 20 minutes, I received an offer from PCO for $30, $65 and $110 ($205) for the bills. Because I was still at the yard sale, I immediately bought the bills for $30. Once I got home, I shipped them to PCO.  Within one day of PCO receiving my package, I received my $205 Paypal payment. I'll take $175 of profits for 30 minutes of work. 5 stars all the way around. Will surely use Photo Coin Offers again."  😉

- Jonathan K. (Phoenix, Arizona)


"I had a small coin collection that my family put together.  It had some cool coins here and there but nothing of significant age.  The value of the coins didn't justify the shipping costs.  But I sure did enjoy the process at Photo Coin Offers.  They spent time with me and explained what I had even though they couldn't buy my coins.  I would definitely trust this team!"

-Amy M. (Orlando, FL)


"Hi!  Decided to sell some coins that have been in the family forever.  Took them down to the local Pawn Shop where I was offered "silver melt value".  I Figured since they were so old, they had to be worth more than that. Borrowed my son's iphone and took a few photos.  Texted them to Photo Coin Offers.  Without hesitation, the team at Photo Coin Offers was able to quickly identify all of my coins and informed me a few of my pieces were very rare.  I'm so glad I found out about Photo Coin Offers before selling my coins for $800 to the Pawn Shop.  Worked out a deal with Photo Coin Offers for over $3000."

- Daniel T. (Seattle, Washington)





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