How quick will I receive my offer from you?

Most offers will be sent to you on the same day you sent in the pictures. If you have a lot of items, or items which require additional research, it may take up to 1-2 days. If your items have very little value, we will likely not a make an offer.


What if I find more coins after you make the first offer?

Not a problem! Simply tell us that you have more items you would like sell. Just send us more photos of the additional items, and we will add additional offer amount to the previous offer for a grand total.


How do I ship my items to you?

Shipping your items is simple. If you accept our offer, we will suggest a shipping method based on what you have. Most of our clients use USPS services (Bubble mailers, flat rate boxes, packages, etc.), however you may ship your items anyway you feel most comfortable. The use of good packing material is essential to prevent any damage to your old coins or bills.


Will the offer ever increase or decrease once you receive my items?

When we inspect your item(s), if it’s in better condition than we originally thought, we’ll increase your original offer. Although we can lower the offer when we receive your items, this is very uncommon and is not likely to happen. 99% of the time, our original offer is the final payment amount. After reviewing your items, in the unlikely event we find something is missing, we will ultimately adjust our final payout to you if the item is not located after contacting you.


How quickly can I expect my payment?

Payment will be made in full within 2 days of receiving your package. Sometimes even as fast as the day we receive your item(s). Please note that the check will be mailed to you, so please allow time for the mail to deliver from the Washington, D.C. area.


What form will my payment be in?

Payment will be made either by Paypal or by Check, whichever you prefer.


Is there a minimum transaction amount?

We usually require you to have at least $50 worth of coins for us to move forward with the transaction. Otherwise it does not make sense to go through the mailing and payment process for a smaller amount. 


Once you receive my items, is it too late to cancel the transaction?

If you have accepted our offer, mailed in your items, and we have already made payment, it will be too late to cancel the deal. The items will have already been put into inventory, and the transaction will be considered complete.


Do you buy old paper money? Also, do you buy just certain types of coins?

Absolutely. Our main focus and specialty is with old coins and bills of all types! Big or small, old or new, dirty or shiny, damaged or pristine, copper or gold, we will look at anything you have. You never know, you could have pieces worth thousands of dollars!


Do you buy foreign coins?

Although we specialize in United States coins and currency, we do know quite a bit about foreign money. So if you have foreign items mixed in, or strictly foreign items for sale then don’t hesitate to offer them to us as well!


What if I don’t like your offer?

In the unlikely event where you are not able to accept our offer, just let us know you would like to pass on the offer. Please keep in mind, you have the choice to sell us just a portion of the lot if you don’t want to accept the offer for all of it. If you feel as though we are close on the offer amount, or we overlooked something, please let us know that in a follow up message on the offer, and we will take another look. Our first offer is usually our best and the one we stick to. This is a big plus for you, because you know you are not leaving anything on the table in the negotiation.


Will my coins be safe when you receive them?

Yes, PhotoCoinOffers stores your items in a vault within a locked room, inside a secure area protected by bulletproof material. This entire secure area is monitored by live video recording 24/7.


Should I clean my coins?

You should NEVER clean any of your coins for any reason! Original patina is very important when it comes to coins. A cleaned coin may be worth about half of what an original coin is worth. So please make sure to handle your coins by their edges, and to leave them in their present original condition.