Coins With Little Value


Old Pennies

Wheat Cents (1909-1958) are extremely common. There are billions of these out there, and many people are finding them all over the place. People send us pictures of these all the time, so please save your time and do not unless you have a rare key date.
Indian Cents, (1859-1909) are a little different however. These are usually worth about $1 each at least, with some key dates being worth $1000. So please send pictures to us if you have them.

  • Old wheat ear cents are worth about 3 to 5 cents each
  • Indian head pennies are worth about $1 or more each
  • Any cent from before 1859 is worth at least $10 and is worth showing to us!



Old Nickels

Old buffalo nickels (1913-1938) are very common as well. Although some of them are almost 100 years old they really don't carry a big value because there are millions of them around.
Liberty "V" Nickels (1883-1912) carry more of a value. These are worth about 75 cents at least, with some key dates being worth $200. So make sure to send us pictures of these or if you have any nickel older than these.

  • Dateless Buffalo nickels are only worth about 10-50 cents each
  • Liberty nickels with a visible date are worth about 75 cents each
  • Any nickel from before 1883 is worth at least $10 and is worth showing to us!




Modern Half Dollar and Dollar Coins

Any Half Dollar or Dollar coins made After 1970 are only worth their face value of 50 cents or $1. These coins include Eisenhower dollars, Susan B. Anthony dollars, Sacagawea dollars, and presidential dollars. Some of these coins do seem pretty interesting, however they are very common and can still be found today.
Any half dollars or dollars made Before 1970, are worth much more and are definitely worth showing us!





1935 or 1957 Silver Certificates

These are the most common old bills. Although these are very neat, they are only worth about $1.50 each.  Silver certificates from 1934 or before, are worth much more and are worth showing us!




Common Foreign Coins

We get people sending photos of random foreign coins everyday. Common foreign coins are sometimes sold by the pound! That means that most modern world coins made for circulation are worth less than 10 cents a piece. Now keep in mind, foreign coins from before 1900 or special issued commemorative coins usually carry a bigger value and we will buy them!















43179 - 4 - US SILVER CERTIFICATES 1935E 1935H 1957 9157B




☆If your coins do not fall into any of the categories listed above then your in good shape! Your coins likely carry additional value. You may want to check out the Coins That Carry Value section to see some coins that are worth a premium. Otherwise please proceed to the Sell Now tab to send in the photos of your old coins. Let our years of experience with coins work for you!☆